CSC-5000 - Self-service coin recycling kiosk
The worlds first coin recycling kiosk designed for large gaming venues. Jackpot coins can be deposited directly into the machine in turn the machine will dispense the equivalent value in notes and coin if required.
These coins are recycled within the machine to the coin dispenser ready for a note to coin transaction.
  • Self service machine thats easy to operate.
  • Automatic payout of deposited coins to maximum of four denominations of banknotes.
  • Exchange of banknotes to coin
  • Bill breaking.
  • Easy operation with bankcard.
  • Coin recycling for up to two coin denominations.
  • Foreign coins and tokens will be rejected.
  • Registration of all top-ups done by employees
  • Complete transaction overview and recording
  • Prepared for integration with cashless systems
  • Safes staff time.
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Semi-automatic Casino Chip Washer
Improve casino image and gaming productivity with clean chips. Save time and labour costs by utilising the DCP-100
  • Cleans and dries gaming chips at 2,200 chips per hour
  • Used in conjunction with our patented "Chip Cleaning Solution".
It leaves chips clean and with a protective anti-static coating, which keeps them cleaner longer.