CC-2000 Self service coin deposit machine
The CC-2000 is a self-service coin deposit machine designed for installation in retail outlets and financial institutions. Its function is to count mixed denomination coins and issue a receipt for the total value. All this contained in a sleek and compact enclosure that would easily adapt to any environment.
  • Easy to use 2 button operation
  • Counting speed of approx. 1000 coins/min
  • Extremely accurate rejection of foreign coins
  • Special anti-jam mechanism
  • Inbuilt printer
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Multi Cash MSS
Self-Service Coin Deposit System
Logical operator guidance containing buttons and four-line display offers a maximum of operational safety.
ÔÇó 2mm steel housing
ÔÇó 3-point lock of front door
ÔÇó Text guided operation
ÔÇó Optional configurable ÔÇ£in use controlÔÇØ for 24 hour operation
ÔÇó Automatic start
ÔÇó 4-line LC-Display, 20 characters per line
ÔÇó Graphics capable thermal printer with cutter
ÔÇó Automatic level control for coin-hopper
ÔÇó Batch function for individual coin quantities
ÔÇó Programmable batch-function
ÔÇó Possibility of permanent sum- and filling-level-recall
ÔÇó Telescopic coin bag base enables simple changing of coin bags
ÔÇó Automatic cashing up in case of coin-bag change
ÔÇó Permanent retrieval of stored transactions possible
Special functions:
ÔÇó Online connection possible
ÔÇó Individual calculation of expenses
ÔÇó Blockage Checker: Speed-dependent reject of foreign bodies and damaged coins
ÔÇó Compressed air sensor-cleaner minimizes service effort
ÔÇó Dirt-separator minimizes soiling
ÔÇó PC-programmable coin parameters optimizes coin recognition
Also available with in-built sorting function (pic 13)
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Disroll P200/P2000
Compact rolled coin and banknote dispensers.  Distribution of up to 8 denominations of rolled coins and 2 types of banknote. Allows to exchange banknotes against rolled coins.
The advantages of the Disroll are:
  • Reduces the time of treatment of coin exchange: service available 24hours a day and 7 days a week. Many configurations possible of the modules in order to optimise the parameters related to the change (level of stock, maximum amount per module and type of coin distributed).
  • Rapid and secured distribution of rolled coins: identification of the user thanks to its private card and limitation of cash at the counter.
  • Releases the counter from all change operations:  it avoids queues , and revaluate the work of the counter clerk (improvement of its productivity)
  • User friendly and ease of use: the user is guided step by step by the colour touch screen 
  • Remote control: allows having stocks in real time by email, receiving alerts when the stock level is lowÔǪ
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